Just a few of the many testimonials received from students of Impart Learning Centre Pte Ltd

Looking back it’s been 5 years now since I did TESOL Dip with you. And each time when I go for Professional Development courses, what you have imparted is still so relevant. I still need to dig into your notes. Always am thankful to God for leading me to your class to give me a good head start in this work of teaching adults.

God willing, He might be opening doors to the best part of the journey in this work — teacher training. I have absolutely no clue where to start. Will need your advice then.

Teachers teach but you’ve inspired me to be what I am today. Thanks Brian! A very blessed Teacher’s Day.

God bless,
Your student always,
1 Sep 2016


alas! I don’t have the guts to write this card in IPA, so here it is in plain ‘ol Roman alphabet.
Thank you for making learning about grammar, teaching, IPA & everything else in between so fun!

There was a lot of metaphorical “drowning” (especially in Module 4), drinking of TESOL ash talismans, and perplexed “AARGH”s each week, but thank you for patiently going through every question and point with us. You mentioned once that your calling is to train & equip people with their course & I am so grateful to have been a recipient of that!! Keep being a great teacher & GOD BLESS!

Jenn ‘16


Dear Brian,

We have benefitted greatly and grown as teachers as a result of this TESOL course. This would not have been possible without your careful planning and preparation, excellent delivery and explanation of grammar and other teaching concepts. It has been a worthwhile and rewarding ride and we want to express heartfelt appreciation for your hard work.

Best wishes
Manjeet Kaur & Jane Cheong
15 November 2013


Dear Brian

Thank you for your time & patience teaching me these few months. I really appreciate your dedication & thoroughness in the delivery of your lessons.
May God continue to bless you abundantly.


Hi Brian
Joan Polster from the Centre of Workplace Literacy (WDA) called me just now. She was just so curious where I got my TESOL training. It wasn’t reflected in our personal data.
I told her about Impart Learning and you.
She commented that though I am new in WPL, you have given me a very solid foundation in the basics of TESOL.
She saw that in both the courses I took. She commented it’s lacking in a lot of trainers she met who have gone through the TESOL dip course.
Thanks Brian once again. Now I can tell others even CWPL (WDA) says Brian got standard!!

God bless.
Cynthia Tan
18 Dec 2012


Dear Brian
Hope you are keeping well in body and soul. I’m involved in the Yellow Ribbon Project through Kaplan, teaching English in Changi Prison.
In June, I went for a mission trip to Chiang Mai and taught English to theological students in a Bible school.
May God continue to impact many more lives through you!

Best wishes from
Siew Lam
Dec 2011


Dear Brian,
Shalom to you!
Many thanks for your training lessons and the invaluable guidance you gave.
Edna and myself were given assignments from Training Vision and we have started our WPL teaching last week.
As for the ad-hoc training you introduced from Translingual, Edna and myself have been training there ever since.
God bless and wish you and your students all the best!
Joshua and Edna
14 Sep 2008

Not one to conform (without a struggle), I find a ‘Thank You’ card too ‘run of the mill’. And this cover just lept at me. Isn’t it brilliant?! So, here’s a card for me AND you.
Thanks to you, I got an assignment from NTUC Learning Hub less than a week after I got my cert & that’s only TWO days after the interview & class starts the following week! & I get to teach the advanced level & it’s only across the street from my home!!
Terima Kasih!

Kog Enn
May ‘07


Dear Brian,
θæŋkz fɒr jɔː wʌndəfʊl gɑɪdəns ænd fɒr ʃeərɪŋ jɔː nɒleɪʤ, ekspɪrɪəns ænd θɔːts wɪð ʌs.
aɪ æm rɪəli hæpi tuː bɪ ɪn jɔː klɑːs dɪspaɪt sʌm prefə ɪn ə klɑːs ɒf tuː stjuːdənts.
θæŋkz fɒr rekəmendɪŋ ʤɒbz tu mi tu enhɑːns maɪ tiːʧɪŋ ekspɪrɪəns ænd fɒr bɪliːvɪŋ ðæt aɪ wʊd meɪk ə gʊd tiːʧər.
(Thanks for your wonderful guidance and for sharing your knowledge, experience and thoughts with us.
I am really happy to be in your class despite some prefer in a class of two students.

Thanks for recommending jobs to me to enhance my teaching aspirations and for believing that I would make a good teacher.)
Best wishes
Mar 07
/teɪk keə ænd kiːp ɪn tʌʧ/
Take care and keep in touch