Preparatory Course for the Graduate Diploma in TESOL (Grad TESOL)

The Graduate Diploma in TESOL course is a programme designed for students who wish to build upon their knowledge and expertise gained from the Diploma in TESOL course or its equivalent.

This 60-hour taught course is  especially suitable for those who wish to take on a more senior position in their teaching career; it is  useful knowledge to have for professional development.

Requirements for the student

A Diploma in TESOL certification

At least 18 Years of age

At least 2 years working experience
GCE ‘O’ Levels with a credit in English or equivalent

For foreign students, a high school qualification and an IELTS score of 6.5 is required

The programme consists of five modules, two revision modules and various assessments.

Module 1.  Introduction to the English language and its origins.

Module 2.  Teaching methodologies.

Module 3.  Syllabus design and needs analysis.

Module 4.  EFL examinations and placement tests.

Module 5.  Research and Development.

Revision Module A : Phonology, Grammar and Syntax.

Revision Module B : Error Analysis.

Students will receive a thorough revision of Phonology, Grammar and Syntax Analysis. By the end of these  revision modules, students will be more confident in explaining phonological features, grammatical and syntactic structures.

Course Fee : $1900/-, paid in instalments. The first payment = $600 due on the first day ; the second = $600 due on lesson 10. The last payment = $700 due on the last day of the class. This course lasts for 20 sessions at 3 hours each time.

Please contact the course scheduler at 6338 5756 for more information.