The ‘SPEAK WELL’ programme is organised by Koru Impart Learning Trainers (KILT, for short).

We want to help you to speak with confidence in English, in all situations, through proper guidance. You will learn to use a situation and shape it into a clear message, with a clear purpose, for a specific audience. You will learn to create a powerful presentation to inform, inspire and persuade your listeners.

We will use material from 21st Century Communication – a Cengage/National Geographic Learning/ Ted Talks collaboration. https://www.cengage.com.br/ngl/21st-century-communication/

21st Century Communication is a FOUR-level series that uses powerful ideas from TED talks to teach learners to think critically and to communicate effectively. Each series is done in 48 hours. Every series will be divided into 12 hour sessions. You need four 12-hour sessions to complete ONE series.

You will receive certification from The London Teacher Training College, UK, for the ‘SPEAK WELL’ programme , at the various Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

All classes will be taught on an online platform, such as Zoom. Come join us to find out more about the ‘SPEAK WELL’ programme!