Dear Brian
Many thanks for imparting your wealth of knowledge as well as providing practical tips on how to teach English to foreign students. I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from this course (Diploma in TESOL).

I like the fact that you touched on the history of English language, sociolinguistics, language teaching principles and methodologies. All these may seem mundane at first, but it really helps form a strong teaching foundation.

I also find the study of phonetics & phonology, grammar, morphology and syntax very insightful. In fact, I have adopted the same technique when teaching my current ESL students as well as developing and contextualising my course materials. In addition, I also find myself constantly referring to your English handbook as well as the grammar exercises.

The modules on classroom planning & organisation, lesson planning and practicum really nailed it. It has helped me hone my teaching skills and gave me confidence in delivering them in class. To date, I have successfully taught Conversational English to adult foreign students and have effectively facilitated the Workplace Literacy (WPL) series under the WSQ framework.

Thank you, Brian for imparting your knowledge to me.

Chan Kit Wan

Feb 2019

Dear Brian

In my pursuit of a career as an English educator, the Diploma in TESOL course provided me with a solid foundation in understanding the key elements of teaching the language.

Brian had imparted various useful techniques that  had enlightened me on how to craft effective lesson plans and test questions. The best takeaway was the practicum; it was instrumental in training me for classroom management, organisation and teacher-student communication.

Upon graduation, I was able to use the diploma to gain employment as an English lecturer at SHRM College. Moreover, the Diploma in TESOL was very helpful in complementing my other qualifications for my admission to the NIE’s Masters in Education programme.

Overall, taking the Diploma in TESOL course at Impart Learning Centre is definitely worthwhile and beneficial for both prospective and current English educators alike.

Haikal Supardi

Oct 2018

Dear Brian

I first knew you in 2007 when I took the Certificate in TEFL. I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning from you and it opened many doors for me in the training field.

Many years later, I took the Diploma in TESOL at the training company I worked in. However I did not use the Diploma as shortly after, I had to be a caregiver at home. Fast forward to 2017, I bumped into you one day and asked if you offered a refresher course in the Diploma in TESOL. Thankfully you did!

As I sat in your classes, I was so awed by the way you explained Grammar concepts to us. The lessons were thorough! You did not ‘cut corners’! You made me enjoy the English Language even more. I enjoyed every lesson, especially the modules on Grammar and the IPA. The good foundation you laid had given me more confidence to teach adult students. It was quite a world of difference when I compared it with the diploma I had taken previously!

Thank you so much, Brian!! I have and will continue to recommend Impart Learning to anyone who wants to learn how to be a good English teacher!

All the best!
Olive Tan

Olive TAN (Ms)
Founder & English Coach

Sep 2018

Dear Brian

Thank you for imparting learning to me, especially from having a zero knowledge of IPA to being able to sit for the exam – which was really a new learning journey for me. You are such an awesome teacher who makes every lesson interesting and lively.  It gives me the desire to want to learn more.

It has really been a great learning journey for me with Impart Learning Centre. and I am glad that God has led me to this centre – a place that really imparts learning – with substance.

God Bless

Vivien – Aug 2018

Dear Brian

The TESOL programme of Impart Learning Centre Pte Ltd has deepen my understanding of grammar and my appreciation of the English language. Impart Learning Centre imparts confidence. The classroom has a simple setting, but the knowledge and insights that you can gain through your interaction and the learning experience there is infinite.

It is also a place where you can incubate enterprising ideas to teach the English language. Impart Learning Centre ignites a flame with you. Keep it glowing and pass it on.

S Arunan – July 2018.

Hi Brian.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for being such an excellent and patient teacher.  I have learnt a lot more than I had expected and it will definitely help me when I do decide to teach. I will surely recommend this course to people who show interest.

Helen – June 2018

Dear Brian

Throughout our TESOL classes, you have been a bright light, a friendly face and a gentle guide in our journey of learning. We truly enjoyed each lesson with you!

In gratitude, we pray that our good Lord will continue to  keep you steadfast, immovable, always excelling in the work He gave you – knowing that your labour is not in vain. (1 Cor 15:58)

Many thanks and blessings

Lee Hwa and Rachel (YFC) – May 2018.

Dear Brian and Ms Raji

Thank you  so much for your guidance throughout the TESOL course! I am truly blessed to have known you. I benefited from your years of knowledge, wealth of experience and genuine friendship. Thank you for answering every single question  I had raised, and for all the notes you had given!

Even today, I still refer to your notes. The little tips and tricks you taught really help me in my day-to-day teaching. I recommend Impart Learning Centre to anyone who intends to teach English, or who is already teaching!

Joyce Chiang, April 2018.

Dear Brian and Ms Raji

Firstly, I would like to say that I was very lucky to have found Impart Learning Centre. You guys are very knowledgeable and experienced. You make your lessons very interesting and entertaining too.

You provided  gradual but rigorous training sessions that ensure that the student is ready for a confident teaching delivery. I do not think that one can easily get this kind of training elsewhere where a student is carried through in such a step by step manner until the lesson is thoroughly prepared. ( I know because I have attended another teacher training course at another school a few years earlier.)

Thank you very much Brian and Ms Raji.  I am glad to have known you both.

Best Wishes and God Bless

T Anba.

March  2018

Dear Mr Brian K Pereira

You are knowledgeable, experienced, patient and skilful in teaching the English language – particularly in teaching English grammar and IPA. I have benefited in attending your class.  You teach in an easy-to-understand manner and adapt your style to your  students’ learning speed and level of understanding.

I have done well in the TESOL course through  your excellent teaching of English.

May the Lord bless you and your dear ones.

Pastor Cheong CM.

February 2018

These few months with you and the class was great: a good mixture of content, fun and life’s lessons all in one.

For the TESOL content, I especially enjoyed the rigorous yet needful parts on how you deliver a lesson, along with the hands-on lesson practices. I can now appreciate the amount of effort taken by a teacher to come up with a plan, break it down to an eventual delivery in the class. Good stuff.

Thank you Brian for the sincerity in delivery and the effort you have spent to prepare the lessons consistently.

God Bless!

To God Be the glory

Tan Jie Hao

January 2018

Brian is an exceptional educator who not only excels in his knowledge of the teaching of English as a Second Language, but also shines as a teacher trainer who is able to communicate effectively and efficiently about the ideas, techniques, challenges and difficulties of being an ESL teacher.

It was certainly a delightful experience being a student of Brian’s and having learnt so much in such a short span of time, and together with the credits from Skills Future Singapore, it is definitely a worthwhile investment for anybody who thrills in making a difference in the world. Not only have I benefited from the course knowledge-wise, I am also blessed with friendships forged during the course. For no man is an island as the axiom says; thank you, Brian, and thank you, Impart Learning Centre, for the education, skills and confidence that you have endowed me with.

With the greatest esteem and respect,

I am, as always, your humble servant

Sean Liu

August 2017

Impart Learning has been such a resourceful and enlightening centre, providing a solid foundation for prospective and experienced teachers of English alike. The Diploma in TESOL programme gives a wide exposure to the various pedagogical methods as well as guided lesson development for an interactive practicum.

Overall, the course is highly beneficial for anyone who desires to deepen his or her understanding of English and to forge a career in teaching it.

Ex-student : Haikel

July 2017

“My TESOL journey with Impart Learning will always be a memorable experience. Brian’s knowledge and delivery of quality education in this field is unparalleled, in comparison to my previous experience at another institute some time ago.

Through Impart Learning and Brian, I gained a deeper appreciation of the Teacher’s role and presence in the learning environment. To teach is to impart knowledge and insight with passion, and to have fun throughout the process of lifelong learning, as both Teacher and Learner. Thank you, Brian, for such an unforgettable time learning from you, and for the immense support that I received from you, Teacher!”

Your Student,
June 2017

Looking back it’s been 5 years now since I did TESOL Dip with you. And each time when I go for Professional Development courses, what you have imparted is still so relevant. I still need to dig into your notes. Always am thankful to God for leading me to your class to give me a good head start in this work of teaching adults.

God willing, He might be opening doors to the best part of the journey in this work — teacher training. I have absolutely no clue where to start. Will need your advice then.

Teachers teach but you’ve inspired me to be what I am today. Thanks Brian! A very blessed Teacher’s Day.

God bless,
Your student always,
1 Sep 2016

alas! I don’t have the guts to write this card in IPA, so here it is in plain ‘ol Roman alphabet.
Thank you for making learning about grammar, teaching, IPA & everything else in between so fun!

There was a lot of metaphorical “drowning” (especially in Module 4), drinking of TESOL ash talismans, and perplexed “AARGH”s each week, but thank you for patiently going through every question and point with us. You mentioned once that your calling is to train & equip people with their course & I am so grateful to have been a recipient of that!! Keep being a great teacher & GOD BLESS!

Jenn ‘16

Dear Brian,

We have benefitted greatly and grown as teachers as a result of this TESOL course. This would not have been possible without your careful planning and preparation, excellent delivery and explanation of grammar and other teaching concepts. It has been a worthwhile and rewarding ride and we want to express heartfelt appreciation for your hard work.

Best wishes
Manjeet Kaur & Jane Cheong
15 November 2013

Dear Brian

Thank you for your time & patience teaching me these few months. I really appreciate your dedication & thoroughness in the delivery of your lessons.
May God continue to bless you abundantly.

Hi Brian
Joan Polster from the Centre of Workplace Literacy (WDA) called me just now. She was just so curious where I got my TESOL training. It wasn’t reflected in our personal data.
I told her about Impart Learning and you.
She commented that though I am new in WPL, you have given me a very solid foundation in the basics of TESOL.
She saw that in both the courses I took. She commented it’s lacking in a lot of trainers she met who have gone through the TESOL dip course.
Thanks Brian once again. Now I can tell others even CWPL (WDA) says Brian ‘got standard!!’

God bless.
Cynthia Tan
18 Dec 2012

Dear Brian
Hope you are keeping well in body and soul. I’m involved in the Yellow Ribbon Project through Kaplan, teaching English in Changi Prison.
In June, I went for a mission trip to Chiang Mai and taught English to theological students in a Bible school.
May God continue to impact many more lives through you!

Best wishes from
Siew Lam
Dec 2011

Dear Brian,
Shalom to you!
Many thanks for your training lessons and the invaluable guidance you gave.
Edna and myself were given assignments from Training Vision and we have started our WPL teaching last week.
As for the ad-hoc training you introduced from Translingual, Edna and myself have been training there ever since.
God bless and wish you and your students all the best!
Joshua and Edna
14 Sep 2008

Not one to conform (without a struggle), I find a ‘Thank You’ card too ‘run of the mill’. And this cover just lept at me. Isn’t it brilliant?! So, here’s a card for me AND you.
Thanks to you, I got an assignment from NTUC Learning Hub less than a week after I got my cert & that’s only TWO days after the interview & class starts the following week! & I get to teach the advanced level & it’s only across the street from my home!!
Terima Kasih!

Kog Enn
May ‘07

Dear Brian,
θæŋkz fɒr jɔː wʌndəfʊl gɑɪdəns ænd fɒr ʃeərɪŋ jɔː nɒleɪʤ, ekspɪrɪəns ænd θɔːts wɪð ʌs.
aɪ æm rɪəli hæpi tuː bɪ ɪn jɔː klɑːs dɪspaɪt sʌm prefə ɪn ə klɑːs ɒf tuː stjuːdənts.
θæŋkz fɒr rekəmendɪŋ ʤɒbz tu mi tu enhɑːns maɪ tiːʧɪŋ ekspɪrɪəns ænd fɒr bɪliːvɪŋ ðæt aɪ wʊd meɪk ə gʊd tiːʧər.
(Thanks for your wonderful guidance and for sharing your knowledge, experience and thoughts with us.
I am really happy to be in your class despite some prefer in a class of two students.

Thanks for recommending jobs to me to enhance my teaching aspirations and for believing that I would make a good teacher.)
Best wishes
Mar 07
/teɪk keə ænd kiːp ɪn tʌʧ/
Take care and keep in touch